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May 15, 2007


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What a fabulous list and lovely photos.


My brother has passion flowers in his garden in LA. Just beautiful. My garden is still looking pretty shabby, but most of the plants are starting to perk up.


I love the blue star creeper ... what an incredibly good variety of plants you hae in your garden. The passion flower is gorgeous. Sigh ... wish I could grow one outdoors. I seem to kill off the ones I get each summer and try to over-winter!


Very pretty blooms, I love ground covers in a garden!


My dad had a passion flower growing here for a time. I've tried a few times but no luck. Yours is beautiful:)

Annie in Austin

Sorry I'm late, Chigiy...you have quite a lovely list here and like Carol, I admire those groundcovers. I've only read about the Laurentia, not seen it. And a gazillion Columbine would be a wonderful sight.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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