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September 22, 2007


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That's terrible and I'm glad you stopped them. There is something/someone stealing content from my blog and several others, but I can't figure it out because when I try to go to the website I get an 404 not found message. I notice it on Technorati and have sent them a message to see if they can help. Still waiting to hear back.

I guess its a hazard of the Internet!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens


Unfortunately it's a sad fact of life that people try to steal your content if you have a good blog. Sorry it happened to you but I'm glad you got the jerks to take your stuff off. And how decidedly creepy to steal pictures of someone's kids and post them. I know it's all automated, but still. Definately low budget. (And I do agree about Elise. She knows more about blogging than anyone I know too!)

Annie in Austin

Yes, Chigiy - Carol and I and LaGringa and a bunch of others have been repeatedly stolen, too. We wrote a bunch of posts about it [mine was on March 8th] but we were all on Blogspot - I kind of thought Typepad was immune. Sorry the pig-people hit you, too.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Hi Chigiy,
I am so sorry to hear this. All your hard work just taken and used by someone else is terrible and the photos too. I am glad that you have stopped them.
Sara from farmingfriends


Oh that just stinks... I am amazed that people think they can get away with this. (It does make you wonder how often people do get away with it though.)

I remember reading about Annie's thief back in March. At least you were able to catch the thief and get your writing removed from his blog. Punching him in the face would have been most satisfying.


Carol, Kalyn, Annie, Sara and Kate,

Thank you for your kind thoughts and support. One of the reasons the pig man took my content off his site so fast was because we have such a tight knit garden blogging community. Genie let me know and My husband and I found other people's stolen content and we all got together and went after him. It's good to know that we all look after each other.

Heather's Garden

Wow that's creepy. I would feel so violated. Wait, I just found some site through technorati that had excerpted my post, ugh. That's horrible! I left a comment telling them to remove it immediately.


I did feel violated.
It was horrible.
I go through most of my life surrounded by wonderful people. And then you get slapped in the face by the harsh reality that there are creeps out there.

Annie in Austin

Chigiy, it was a surreal experience to see a fake blog displaying not only my garden stories, but the posts I wrote complaining about my blog being stolen!



Wow -- that's so incredibly obnoxious. I feel terrible for all you talented, creative bloggers to whom this sort of thing has happened.

Down with content-thieving creeps!

Wouldn't it be great if we could taser them through their dirty old keyboards?


wow, that's terrible! i'm so sorry to hear that, but i'm glad you dealt with it with such grace... vengeful dreams are the best revenge. and effective too apparently!

Denise nesbitt

I often wondered why people "splogged" and now I understand...money! It is usually at the root of such wrongdoings! So glad you sorted it out though.

Ottawta Gardener

That sucks and it is the first time I have heard of it. Thankfully, my blog isn't valuable enough to be splogged.

That person suxs!!


I'm sorry to read what happened to you. Must have been a weird experience. I hope he won't do that again.


That really happened? That is truly surreal, not to mention icky.

Tasering would be quite satisfying.

Thanks for the support.

Yes, money the root of all evil, was the reason. The more articles you have the more hits off the internet you get:(

Ottawata Gardener,
I didn't think my blog was valuable either. I hadn't even considered that someone would steal from it.
You have a wonderful blog and I don't want to scare you but it is definitely worth stealing.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.


Grrrrrrrr....... I just don't get how anyone can think splogging is worth it. I have no idea if anyone has stolen my work, although I do check with Copyscape on occasion.

Sorry this happened to you!


My friend Elise (simply recipes) says to expect to get splogged once a month. Icky.
What is Copyscape? Is this something I should know about?


Sploggers are spluckers, enough said.


I agree.

Small Garden Ideas

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