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July 23, 2008



It was so fun meeting you at BlogHer, and now I'm wishing I had taken a picture of you! Sometimes I'm such a bad reporter!

I like the soapy water method too, although so far this year I haven't had problems (fingers crossed!)


It was great to meet you and Lydia and Anna. I wanted more time with you. I felt kind of wierd and shy. I'm normally more fun but I felt overwelmed. I stilll have not posted about the experience. I've started to about five times, maybe in the next couple of days.


I uee the same recipe although I do use red pepper because someone told me to add it. This works fine on regular ants.

Here is the South though, we have fire ants. and when they invade a bed, you just have to resort to fire ant killer. I hate to use it but they can take down a small cat. You just don't try to do anything organic with those.


Sheesh Eve,
You have scary snakes and ants in your back yard. Do what you must do. And watch out for your cat.


But if you can get rid of the aphids, will the ants go also? I usually dust aphids with flour until they "drown" and then hose them off.


The problem with just getting rid of the aphids is that sometimes the ants "farm" the aphids. They actually bring the aphids back into the ant colony with them.
I like the flour idea. That's a good one.

Stephen Albert

The strong blast of water keeps the aphids in our neck of the vineyards away. They usually don't get a foothold since we are in the garden almost every day and catch them early. A "catch" plant (or crop) that aphids love is another way to distract them from the crops you love most. Our aphids love the oleander blossoms 25 yards away from the vegetable patch. So, I let them congregate over there and dispatch them with a water blast every few weeks. They are disturbed within hours when they come to the vegetables so they just go to the oleanders (Nerium) instead. They are much more trainable than Boo our yard dog who sometimes naps in the vegetable patch despite pleas to find a shady spot in the yard.

D.R. Stephenson

Those do not look like aphids to me. The photos are not very clear, but I suspect those are flea beetles - a whole different problem and nothing to do with the ants.


Hi D.R.,
They maybe flea beetles, but they sure looked like aphids to me and they were covered in ants that appeared to be milking the aphids for honeydew. Hmmmmm

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