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January 11, 2009


Annie in Austin

Chigiy, you've had to say goodbye too often of late. This has got to be hard on the whole family.
Some of the people I know adopt new dogs immediately after a loss - others wait a long time. Whatever happens, my condolences and best wishes that you can someday rebuild your pack.



Oh, Chigiy...my heart is breaking for you guys...this just seems unfair that you have to go through this again so soon! Sending you love and hugs and good thoughts. And what a wonderful quote. I've never seen that one before, but it's so apt, and so true.


A beautiful memorial post for Mister Wizard.

Hugs and sympathy, and I'm really glad you have Catalina now.


Oh wow, this must be hard to go through again so soon. Sending big hugs.

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