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March 08, 2010


Annie in Austin

So true, Chigiy...I spend much time walking back & forth, trying to decide the order things should be done... then don't do many of them.

The Oscars came on later here - no decisions to be made!

That's an ornamental pomegranate? Mine is a foot tall and had 2 poms...doubt it will ever be like yours!

Meryl & Stanley Tucci should have received a special Oscar for most adorable couple in Julie & Julia ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Heather's Garden

Luckily it's still a little early to be freaking out about my garden, but I completely understand your angst. However, I liked SJP's dress, not like I would ever wear it, but I thought it was pretty flattering on her and by far not the worst thing I've seen her wear.


Hi Annie,
I inherited the ornamental pomegranate and I had to move it. When I moved it, it just shot up. I was actually going to try to eat the fruit and see how it tastes and blog about it-another thing to do.
I haven't seen Julie & Julia but I will. I loved them in The Devil Wears Prada.

Hi Heather,
I hated SJP's dress. It was one of those you either love or hate-hated it. It looked crooked! I usually love what she wears. There was something weird going on with her face too. It might just be the same weird thing that's going on with my face. It's called age.
Thank you for stopping by.


You are a funny gal and humor is a gift I cherish.

Weeding is my favorite thing to do in the yard/garden. Like you, I sit on ground and pull them out one by one...without wearing gloves. I talk to myself while doing it, more of a quiet mumble.

A couple of times a year I let my grandson cut open a pomegranate and suck the flesh off the one million seeds that are inside. He loves doing that.


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