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March 31, 2010


Gina Bommarito

OMG, does "your friend" know that you posted her picture? I am rolling on the floor!!!!


She doesn't know yet. I figured you would have told her by now based on past experience. HA!

Laura Livengood Schaub

Hi Chigiy,
Interesting post; I hadn't considered how the show would look when entered through the back of the venue, that must have seemed strange! It was actually designed to be seen starting through the main entrance of Expo Hall, which put you straight on the garden floor. Totally agree that the Cow Palace was a more dramatic setting for the gardens, but it was also falling apart and very difficult to move in and out of. One correction though; last year we had 19 gardens in a smaller area. Sorry you didn't care for our marketplace vendors; they are the lifeblood of the show, and we wouldn't exist without them. Hopefully you and your friend came away with something positive (by most other accounts the show was an unqualified success) but if not, at least you got an amusing post out of it!

Gina Bommarito

HI Chigiy,
I guess you don't know me very well...

small garden ideas

I love going at events like this were you can get updates and new ideas for your garden improvements plus those events bring a smile on my face.

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