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January 05, 2011



I'm breathless! I can see I must make my (barefoot) pilgrimage soon. Congratulations. xo


It's beautiful! Worth the wait I'd imagine.


It is quite gorgeous!


Jacqueline, I feel a Chigini-filled, barefoot, howling-at-the moon, driveway party coming on.

Thank you, Katie and Kalyn

Pamela Salverda

No more gravel? Now we'll be able to sneek into your yard (that is if the dogs don't bark). It is breathtaking. Congrats for being able to check a biggy off the honey do list.


I think a driveway christening party is definitely called for. The new driveway is stunning. I enjoyed seeing the driveway's transformation in the previous posts. You had a good contractor. And what a deal on the pavers.

Since it's now a new year, I'm hoping to get back to my blog. It's getting a new banner which I somehow think will make me write again. I've got a new computer now too, so there's nothing keeping me from plunging back in.

Hope you have a wonderful year filled with many barefoot dashes across the new driveway.


Pam, You can sneak into our yard anytime.
Hopefully soon. xoxo

I look forward to seeing some new posts on your beautiful blog. I can't wait to see the new banner. Happy New Year!

April Thomas

Lovely lovely driveway!
I snicker at the driveway christening party--I would do the SAME thing!


It's so exciting when something big like this
finally gets done. I love it.
I remember the days and nights of tents, then a camper, then One unfinished dome (still under construction) but closer each and everyday. We do what we can do when we can do it. anyway...... Love your driveway
peace n abundance,


April, I still haven't had the party but the weather is warming up so It"ll be soon.
Thank you for visting CheyAnne

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