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January 17, 2007



Whoah, snow on the flamingo!

The main trouble with this cold spell is that it doesn't want to seem to end. My princess tree choked and sputtered the first night of frost, but 5 days in a row with the temps in the 20s? It looks worse than the Xmas tree in the Charlie Brown special. We'll see if it comes back. The citrus, too, have not been happy. Oh well.

One thing to note, morels love a good frost. You might find them popping up this spring.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Chigiy!


Welcome to blogging. Sorry to hear about your cold weather, but hopefully most of your plants will recover. I'm in Utah and I'm always surprised every year at how the perennials and shrubs bounce back in the spring. Look forward to reading about your garden when the weather gets a little better.


Hi Chigiy! Welcome to blogging! Yours is a lovely voice, I''m sure it will be a hit among other garden bloggers. You might check out the Inadvertent Gardener, hers is half garden, half food and her posts and links might help you introduce yourself to the community. And the really special thing about blogging isn't so much the blogging, it's the blogging COMMUNITY. Have fun, best of luck! AK


I just found your blog through a comment at the Inadvertent Gardener. Nice blog!

My 1st though on seeing the picture was "that's snow? Yawn, what is all the fuss about, that doesn't seem like much snow. Looks more like a bad case of bird dandruff." But, if you are a tropical person, I am sure it was quite a shock.


Carol it's true us Californians are pretty pathetic when it comes to weather. We can take rain for a few days in a row, but snow??? The snow got me all flustered. I had to run inside next to the fire, drink hot brandy while I gave myself a petacure and rubbed instant tanning lotion all over my body. My kids loved it though. The snow that is.


Should I have covered my passion flower? It's looking a bit yellow. It's not doing well. Maybe I should send a pic in and you could help me? Thanks M

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