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March 12, 2007


Creative Guy

Nice garden! Maybe we’ll get to visit sometime soon!

Annie in Austin

Oh Chigiy - what a wake-up... and I can relate to having someone bring you the towel so you'd get the full experience.

This Spider House is a new one to me! It looks a lot like a piece of a tennis racquet press, doesn't it? I hope your sons get some web-action.

In Austin, "Spider House" is the name of a coffee house near the University of Texas campus.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

amy Bonetti

OMG you kill me with the throw up story. I hope you kicked Rich's ass!



Totally. Rich totally deserves a healthy ass kicking for that one!


Michael Glaviano

Hi Chigiy,

Your gardening blog is really cool. I will forward the URL to Lyn. She likes to garden (a lot) but it's reeaally hard to grow stuff here in CO.


chigiy Binell

Creative Guy,
come visit any time.

Thank goodness for washing machines and bleach. The spider web frame does look like a racquet! We'll see if the spiders like it.

You must have a good throw-up story or two. I wasn't too hard on Rich, after all, he did take the boys skiing and give me the whole week-end off.

I think after cleaning up partially digested cool ranch doritos, pringles, bags of candy and coke Rich will do things differently next time. At least I think he will, hmmm....

It's good to here from you. I hope you and Lyn are doing great.


I was dying when I read this story. I could hear Dashy's little voice telling on Rich!! Hope they felt better after they had some of your delicious home cookin!

chigiy Binell

Yes, I taught my kids well to bust their dad like that. Now, if I can only get them not to eat junk food.


I had a spider frame like that a while back...hmmm I don't remember what happened to it. I wonder if I gave it to my sister because I'm just not that fond of spiders.

I hope you soon have one in there!

chigiy Binell

I don't mind spiders, as long as they stay in their houses.

dog ramps

Nice post.The spider web frame does look like a racquet! We'll see if the spiders like it.


dear dog ramps,
The spider web frame AKA tennis racquet works in direct relation with it's location. The spiders prefer somewhere out of the way, then it works just fine.

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