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March 14, 2007



I think all your pictures look great, in spite of what you say about your eyesight. So much in blooming, it must be so nice to walk around your garden right now.

Thanks for participating in the garden bloggers' bloom day!


I'm so jealous to see all these things blooming. Nothing is in bloom here.
I hope it's nothing serious with the eyesight. (I can't see anything at all without my contact lenses.)

Annie in Austin

Good grief! Even your Jade Plant is blooming! It all looks wonderful, Chigiy.
I've never seen a Fava Bean growing before - very upright looking and the blossoms are attached in an interesting way.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Dear Gardener, I have two plants growing in my backyard, grass and lavender. I know when to trim back one, but when should I trim my lavender. It says in your blog that they (lavender) are in bloom now. Hey, why don't you just come over and gently give your comments about my garden.
I live close to the hard bodied, surf board riding, yoga stretching, rose growing gal.


Dear Paree,
How do you pronounce that?
You trim lavender back after it blooms. Don't be afraid to give it a pretty good shave.
I'd be glad to come over and take a gander at your garden. My fee is $200/hour or a grande low-fat latte.

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