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April 08, 2007



Sorry to hear about the husbands computer, but hope you're having a great Easter otherwise.


Ah, for some beauty now ... your dog has a lovely profile, the flamingo looks as if it is asleep and the wisteria is absolutely beautiful.

The newspaper pots are easy to make. I cut out strips of paper about one foot long and 6 inches wide. We used a shampoo bottle to wrap the paper around.

Leave about two inches of the paper overhanging the bottle. While wrapping the paper, tuck the overhang up to the bottom of the bottle. When finished winding, lift up the bottle and you should have a little pot. My niece took a few minutes to get the hang of it - she also had to phone her dad to tell him what she was doing and that she was going to teach him how to make the pots too.

When filling them with dirt, the bottom needs a bit of adjusting and to held together so the dirt doesn't escape.

I hope that helps. It was great fun ...I will take a pic of a tray of pots so you'll see what they look like. (all different heights, some a bit thinner, others thicker)

Crafty Gardener

The wisteria is beautiful and your dog is gorgeous. It is fun visiting sites on Green Thumb Sunday.


That's a gorgeous photo! You must get that one framed!

I'm visiting for green thumb sunday of course, but also to urge you to visit other participants sites too. I created this meme so that we'd all get more visitors and gardening ideas and if people don't visit others sites well ... what's the point. Please do visit a few of your fellow Green Thumbers.


Lovely Wisteria; 2 members of our family have wiaterias..the expensive one never flowers, the cheap one does....there's a lot of banter about that. Love the photo with the egg in...a clever touch.


Oh, that lovely dog is the perfect addition to this picture! Don't beat her too unmercifully, lol! I love wisteria. We had an old vine in the front yard when I was growing up outside of New Orleans. The tree that supported it sucumbed to a hurricane, the wisteria survived for many years, attaining great height and inspiring the envy of all of our neighbors. I was devastated to learn that the buyers of the old house took it out.

Visiting for GreenThumb Sunday!


The wisteria is beautiful and so is your dog! :-)

Annie in Austin

Hiya, Chigiy - my condolences on the computer sharing situation... we've been there, too, and it was not fun. But while my husband needed it for work, I only needed it for sanity, which does not produce an income.

Your pup really is a poser, isn't he?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Chigiy, I love the wisteria...and the flamingo...and most especially, your dog. And I also really enjoyed the Easter egg in the flowers! Great photos for a lovely day.

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