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April 02, 2007



Hi Chigiy,

I had fun checking out all the plant names in this gorgeous display ... I guess the cute car is a garden ornament.

There is an amazing book called 'The Naming of Names' by Anna Pavord (available at amazon.com) that traces plant names from ancient times - she also has another wonderful book, 'The Tulip'...
both great reads!


The little 1955 Nash Metropolitan belongs to Greenlee's wife. It runs and I'm not sure but I think it is an eco friendly car for it's age and that is why it is part of the garden.

astroturf perth

I agree with you Kate, I also enjoyed reading and checking the names of the plants. I even checked some of them on the internet to see the exact pictures. Amazing collection of plants. I thank you for having listed all the plants that are used on the presentation. Great Job!

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