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April 02, 2007


Annie in Austin

I am totally jealous, Chigiy.
Next you'll probably tell us that it's fragrant, too!

Grumble, grumble, and grudging congratulations from

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Hi there! Just found your blog through Carol - May Dreams Garden - and wanted to welcome you to the world of garden blogs. Love your writing style - I had lots of LOL moments reading your back posts!


I am very much enjoying your blog - have added it to my garden links.

It sounds as if you have found a perfect spot for the lilac. Mostly, I'm wondering if it shouldn't be named 'the bionic lilac'!

Your pictures are gorgeous ... I am in awe of your walkway!


It's magnificent! My mother has a lilac bush and I've often wondered how to take a clipping and then what to do with it after I had it. I'd love to start my own :)


Your photo's are beautiful! I love the lilac. That is one of the plants I'm anxiously waiting to plant in my yard. I am waiting until I find the right spot.


I laughed out loud reading about your lilac. It made me think of a similarly hardy forsythia in my yard here in Boston. A previous owner had planted it in total shade so it wasn't thriving to begin with. Then it was run over by an Arborist's truck and left broken for 2 years. When I finally got around to moving it to a sunnier location, I had a hard time digging it out. Finally the whole root ball kind of exploded and it became clear that the original plant had died. Of course forsythias self propagate easily and this one had spawned 16 babies before going to the great garden in the sky! Today they're blooming in their new locations for the first time. I have my own blog: http://soothsayer-says.
blogspot.com Please visit!

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