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July 27, 2007



That's all you planted? YOU need to plant more vegetables. Those look delicious.


I think you've made a good haul with the tomatoes and tomatillos.... they look delicious. The grilled cod with the tomatillo salsa sounds absolutely delicious... I am on a major onion, garlic and cilantro kick this summer.

Thank you for your comment in my blog...it was appreciated.


I'm ashamed to say that's all I planted.
I am going to actully put together a real garden next year, not just stick a few plants in the ground like I did this year.
It will be in a spiral shape. Right now It's all in my mind, so to speak.


Kate, this is only the beginning. You know how veggies are. They all ripen at once.


Congrats on your beautiful veggie harvest. The fish you made with the tomatillo sauce sounds excellent. Are the tomatillos spicy? I have had tomatillo salsa before but I didn't know if it was spicy because of jalapeno peppers or the tomatillos themselves. Curious to know how they taste on their own.

Annie in Austin

Your tomatoes look great, Chigiy - many of ours are pretty crummy from never getting dry and we have lots of pepper plants with no peppers so we have to buy our poblanos.

I'm telling Philo about roasting tomatillos - he could do them when he roasts peppers.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


I love salsa made with tomatillos. Salsa is a staple in Arizona--we throw it on everything, so salsa ingredients, including tomatillos, are a garden favorite with most folks here. I just buy mine at the grocery.


Tomatillos aren't spicy. A lot of tomatillo salsa recipes include hot peppers of some kind or another. I don't put them in because my kids wouldn't eat it.

Tomatillos are related to the gooseberry and they are kind of citrusy.

Roating tomatillos with peppers is a great idea.

I love tomatillo salsa, It's my favorite salsa.

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