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July 31, 2007



Hi Thanks for the wonderful directions on caring for Rhodes! The pictures were beautiful as well.


Hey, you look great under the straw hat ... the planting and care instructions are great. Thank you ... maybe now I can keep an Azalea alive here.

Was thinking of you when I had to use my shoe - well sandal, since it's so hot here - and hammer in a nail for my friend's clock.


Thank you for stopping by

I bought the hat at a second hand store in Santa Cruz for $3.
My husband doesn't understand that shoes are some of the best tools.


The pictures of and the care for the rhodies and azaleas is great. So is your picture in the straw hat...I think you look quite fetching.

Annie in Austin

Is that an elbow patch, Professor Chigiy? Or a shadow? You look great in the hat.

It's hard enough keeping a couple of camellias alive in our alkaline land, so I'll just enjoy your wonderful Rhododendron photos without actually killing any. The top photo just makes me go all wobbly. I've never seen one that color in person.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Yes it's an elbow patch. Hey, it was on sale. It was wool. I was cold.

Isn't the color of that rhodie fabulous? I wish I could claim it as my own, but I took the photo at a nursery:(


Thank you for this information! I lost two beautiful azaleas last winter, but have a large one planted this spring that's doing great. I've also got one that I purchased in Florida and it actually overwintered outside, which surprised me! It didn't bloom this year, but maybe next?


I have not seen anything that looks like your photos in my yard. I think my alleged rhodies are dying. Call me when you get back from camping. Also, please only use photos of me circa 1994...I look much better.


I would try watering your rhododendrons, this way they may not die. This is just a suggestion.
Please send me photos of yourself before 1994. I want to check out your hairstyle.


wow, just found your blog- simple and amazing, thanks

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