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August 30, 2007



Ah, they are so cute ... but they can be mean, as I once discovered when I interrupted some going through my garbage. My cat wasn't afraid though and she chased them away.

Those are great photographs. It looks as if you have an amazing neighbourhood - everyone getting involved in the act of catching the raccoons. I was surprised that the wildlife centre wasn't more helpful. That is unusual!

Annie in Austin

It was the neighborhood festival aspect that impressed me, too, Chigiy. That's something to cherish.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Hey Chigiy,

Where'd you leave them babies, after all, you troublemakers? ;)

What a great post. It's this kind of adventure that takes mountain living from great to incredible.


They are so cute but your right, they are mean. Those two little babies did not show one little inkling of friendliness. Which is really good for their survival.
I was very suprised that the Center was not more helpful and more friendly. They are supported by donations. I hate to say this but, DUH.

I love my neighborhood. We have so much fun. Lots of parties and BBQ's we're very close.

Mountain living is incredible. I love it.

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