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August 14, 2007



I am all for free plants when you buy one plant.


Great reminder. I always look for nice full plants that I can divide myself. But 26 free plants must be some kind of record!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens


I like the plant idea way better than the rat one! This is a great way to get more plants - I do that with perennials too.

Speaking of succulents, I just repotted a bunch and now have no little clay pots left ... I'm very aware that they are about to get moved back indoors any night now (something you are so lucky not to have to worry about - the dreaded frost!)

Annie in Austin

Thinking like that got me three gigantic pink gaura plants from one little pot - love your amazing mother of dozens plant, Chigiy! I have sempervivum envy.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


My mom and I always pick over plants at nurseries for just this reason! Another thing I like to do, early in the season, is buy a 6-pack of leggy impatiens and root cuttings from them. I can just about fill a small bed that way!


I always look for bonus plants like this, too! But wow...26!!! Good job!


There are certain cultivars of Sempervivums that put off lots of offsets, some don't.

I am just crazy about sempervivums. I have more than 1.700 diffrent plants.

You can read about my collection in


Do come and visit me sometimes.

Best wishes from Ljubljana, Slovenia!

Flowers Gifts

Why is it there's a lot of FREEIES? Anyway, a great marketing strategy ...

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