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September 11, 2007


Dirty Knees

I love beach glass too. I collect it from the shores of Lake Ontario, but I have never seen this much in one place. Amazing!


Great pictures of a favorite hangout.


I have never seen so much beach glass in one place. I feel lucky to find two pieces in one day at the beach I go to! I need some for art too!! How much did you pick up?


Dirty Knees,
I love your name.
I have collected beach glass from every beach that I have ever gone and this place has the most glass anywhere. It's all glass.

I didn't know you liked Fort Bragg so much.

I picked up a lot. A LOT.

Heather's Garden

I had completely forgotten how much fun I used to have picking up sea glass (maybe that's a CT term?) for all those summers during camp. Thank you so much for the fun trip down memory lane.

I can't believe that there's a beach all of glass. Does everyone just walk around picking it up or do people actually sit down and do beach stuff?


There are some people sitting on the beach and some people throwing frisbees. But for the most part people are so agog with all the sea glass, all they want to do is see glass.
Also, that far north the water is really cold and dangerous.


What an interesting post. I enjoyed reading about the beach. Sara from farmingfriends


Oh you'd have to drag me away from here kicking and screaming. I LOVE beachcombing and would be in my element here.


Thank you.

My family does have to drag me away kicking and screaming. Even my kids, who also love to beach comb.


That is an amazing sight! I think I'd turn into a glass collector on the spot!


These pictures are gorgeous. Never seem to find much sea glass but I am always on the lookout when I go to the beach.

Ottawa Gardener

Wow, that beach is like from a dream. It would make a great garden feature too...


And I thought I'd lucked out when I went to Cambria and found about 6 pieces of sea glass! This is beautiful. I hope to go there someday.



From far away it looks like any other beach. But as you get closer you realize it isn't like ANY other beach.

Ottawa Gardener,
I use the sea glass in my mosaics, but you can use it on top of potting soil in containers and I put it in stepping stones. It will be something else to blog about in the future.

Cambria is lovely. It's fun to collect beach glass from every beach you go to.

Lisl Armstrong


I recently created a social networking site for Sea Glass Artists & sea Glass Collectors.
I hope you will join us!


Lisl Armstrong

Melody Tolson


I am a photo researcher currently working for Emond Montgomery on their upcoming Gr. 11/12 geology textbook, This Earth.

We would like permission to use one of your Fort Bragg photos in our text. Could you please contact me so I can send you the details? Thank you, Melody


But you aren't allowed to pick up the glass there! It's protected so that others can come see the beautiful glass, too. If it all goes home in people's pockets, it won't be the same anymore.


I've collected so much from glass beach that I got to make a lamp shade With tiny pictures of glass beach encased in frames of pin head size shells. Imagine the lamp light shinning though the glass.


You're right. There is a sign as you walk into the beach that asked that you only take one piece of glass. Believe it or not I didn't see the sign until my third visit to glass beach. Maybe I just didn't want to see it. I don't take glass anymore but I have in the past and I've made some pieces of art with the glass.

I would love to see you creation. Send me a photo.

Shower Doors

Wow Amazing picks. It is really stunning to watch the people walking on glass. I am agree with you that there is a sign as you walk into the beach that asked that you only take one piece of glass.

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