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December 04, 2007



I totally agree! I thought it was just certain bloggers. I do have a blogger account but it isn't linked to my current blog and so I have been adding "nickname" and then linking my website in the post. It SUCKS!


I just tested it with a wordpress account I had and it worked and allowed me to make a link back to my wordpress blog, though there is no content on there.


It is me again. I think I'm going to disable the openID comments until they fix it-so that anonymous comments can be left by people who don't blog at all.

I'll update my post on the OpenID feature in a little while while with a work around that maybe the non-blogger people can use.

They're trying to do something good by making interlinking all bloggers but it isn't working how they'd hope.

If you really want to make your voice heard I'd suggest leaving a comment on the blog where they'd read it.



I was unaware of this problem - thanks for blogging about it. I have switched over to OpenID, and will be emailing blogger about their new 'feature'.


As a non-blogger user, I find this new "feature" quite unfriendly. As though google/blogger only want you to use their blog host. I'm going to check out MrBrownThumb's link.


I agree with you.

Mr. Brown Thumb,
Thank you for all your technical advice and information. I wish I were as knowledgeable as you.

Thank you Sarah.
unfortunately I don't think open ID gives you a live link back to your site.

You are right it is unfriendly and it does seem suspicious.


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