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March 17, 2008



An illiterate composter? You totally made me laugh out loud this morning, Chigiy -- I love how you combined actual good information with self-deprecating (and excellent) storytelling!


Oh that was a delightful post.

Loved it and this is one compost experience I shall leave for the worms in the garden!

thanks for the morning smile and the information.


I think your worms are simply Darwinian.
Survivors. That which does not kill them is making them strong.

Unlike my apartment worms that never found happiness or joy. I think we gave them a decent burial. I hope they were only playing possum, and have wiggled their way to greener pastures.

Successful composting still eludes me - more at www.kitchencomposter.org

Amber Shaw

Hey, my worms eat banana peels! In fact, it seems to be one of their favorite items which is good since I live with monkeys. I'm up late hanging out on the computer because I have a sick child vomiting on a regular basis. If only children were like worms and didn't smell stinky.


I thought about raising my own meat. Then realized I'd have a hard time keeping them in a sandwich.

Anyone interested in Vermicomposting should check out http://thegardenforums.org

They have a great forum about growing worms. What you do with them is your own business.

Muum from Utah

Well, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I've looked at worm composting before, and decided it would be 'too many rules' , and one more thing to tend. And I only have one kid at home! Enjoyed your post.

Yolanda Elizabet

ROTFL Great post! BTW I didn't know that worms need to moisturize too. :-)


I admire your writing, so coming from you that is a great compliment.

Thank you.

Thank you for visiting.
I think of my worms as Darwinian survivors also. I am doing my part for the worm gene pool. I am creating a race of super worms.
Successful composting has eluded me too.

I'm sorry about the sick boys.
Hey, I wonder if you can compost vomit?

I will check out the forum. Thanks.

There Are too many rules, luckily my worms can handle abuse.

Every night after their bath, I dip each of my worms in Vaseline Intensive Care lotion and put them to bed.


Cracking post! Exactly how I feel too. Much the same goes for my garden compots, too wet, to dry, not enough this not enough that, then you have to mix it? Where? they don't tell you this before you get the bin and you only have a 3ft square area to work in!!!!!!


Good post! I'm feeling much better about how I treat my words. My worms are in the dining room in a big Rubbermaid storage container with little air things on the side. I like this location, if only because people are grossed out with the idea. I'm having a blast with my worms - I don't follow all these rules and mine are still alive. . At least so far - I'm treating them as another family pet since my son won't let me get another cat.


oops ... that should have been 'worms' in the first line.


I know it all seems like a good idea until you're actually doing it. Thanks for visiting

I don't have worms in my house but
I have a little bird that I keep in my kitchen and I actually have to hide her when some of my friends come over because she freaks them out. Who Knew? No problem about the typo, I have them All the time.

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