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March 03, 2008



The orchids are so pretty. Around here I'm longing for spring!


My cymbidiums haven't flowered for two years now. :( I think they might be more crowded than before. Or it hasn't gotten quite cold enough.

Alas, I'll live vicariously through yours!

Our phal's and vanda's are on a blooming cycle now. We hardly fertilize. I do know that Phal's like their room, if not they tend to rot. :(

Olivia Logan

I recently have been to my grandma's house in stockton and she has her own "garden" above her sink. The coincedence to you, chigiy, is that she has orchids just like yours. They are really pretty.

I think they may have been some cydbidiums in there.


I read this post avidly, now that I'm the owner of a Phalaenopsis... those are beautiful Orchid blooms. I'll have to ask when I go to the Orchid show here in April.


Those are beautiful orchids! I saw some today at the Chicago Conservatory ( I am in town hanging out with my 'headache' daughter for a few days)with Carolyn Gail of Sweet HOme and Garden Chicago. They are so beautiful up close, and such a lovely variety.


Spring is on the way.

You might try the ice water trick on your cymbidiums. I guess in FL they might need to be cooled off at night during the summer months.

Do you get your love of gardening from your Grandma?

Oooo, an orchid show. I hope we get to see photos.

Again, I hope we get to see some photos at the Conservatory.


I'm new to orchids. After the blooms have gone..what do you do with the spikes that held the blooms?

philippines flower

I have a orchids too but i have no pink one like on the post. Its so lovely!



I live in South Central TX.
Thanks to your orchid info I am gonna invest in one. My other plants are thriving so to my collection I will add.
Thanks again,


Thank you for stopping by Mary. Good luck with your orchids

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All about Orchid Care

Wow so many beautiful orchids. I love them. Thank you for such amazing tips. They are very helpful indeed. Thank you for sharing it with us. Keep it up.

Caring for Orchids

Yes Phalaenopsis are my favourite because they are so easy to care for. Caring for orchidslike the Phalaenopsis makes this a worthwhile plant to grow.


My wife was given an Orchid two yrs ago it has bloomed twice. I do not know what kind it is or how to tend it. I need some help. It looks like the white one on your blog. but is pink. I need a name for it. The last time it bloomed it had seven flowers. it has now gone to rest. it is about 2 1/2 ft tall and has three stocks the ends of the stock are very dry and dead looking. One of the stocks has no buds and did not bloom last time. Should any of the stock be cut back? Is there any thing I can do to help it along?


Hi Cal,
The second picture in this article is a phalaenopsis. If the stocks you are talking about once had blooms on them, and they are dry and dead looking, then yes, cut them down to the base of the plant. If they are dry they will not bloom again off that stock.

Your Phalaenopsis will probably bloom again by sending up another stock (spike) from a different spot higher up on the plant.

You can help this along by giving it regular fertilization. Use a fertilizer that is right for your plant and fertilize it twice as often as is recommended using half the amount of fertilizer.

Make sure your plant has good eastern.

Good luck.


Hello, Chigiy. I was really encouraged by your pictures of lovely orchids to buy an orchid as an Easter gift for myself. Generally I only buy plants for the garden, but the last year or two I've been reading all I could on orchids and hope to have a nice little collection one day. I'm starting out with Phalaenopsis, as they're supposed to be the easiest to care for from all I've read. When I gain some confidence, I'd like to try others. :) Thanks so much for giving me the courage to start a new gardening interest. Hope the orchids shown here are still doing nicely. Jo-Anne


Wow Jo-Anne,
You made my day! Yes, orchids can be very rewarding. Mine are blooming right now and they are so gorgeous. I will have to post some pics. Your next step after Phalaenopsis may be Cybidiums depending where you live. You can grow them outside and then cut the spikes and bring them indoors. They will last for weeks in a vase.


what orchid ? the only orchid i see here is you

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