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June 19, 2008



I love it, Chigiy! How awesome! I hope they don't sing the revised version of the song, either.

And, P.S., I know I owe you an email/phone call -- it's coming! I promise!


Thanks Genie,
No worries, I'm not going anywhere this summer, I have two surgeries scheduled–GOOD TIMES.

Yolanda Elizabet

It looks lovely my dear, well done. Can't wait to see all the plants established! I'm sure not only your kids will enjoy this part of your garden. ;-)

Annie in Austin

It's not only extremely decorative, Chigiy - the design gives you access to the plants from both sides ... do you get tomato hornworms in your area? You could send the offspring down the spiral path to knock off caterpillars.

The house siding is so cool! That classic style would even look good dropped on top of a witch.

When you and Genie meet up I sure hope you blog about it!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Thank you Yolanda.

we do get tomato horn worms. They are disgusting and distructive. I put them right up there with potato bugs.

Ottawa Gardener

Cool, my spiral garden aka mini-orchard and perennial bed is in it's 2nd (and a half) year now and I find it's an exciting challenge to plant up the beds what with all the possible viewing angles!

Looking forward to watching the progress and that is my favourite line in sex in the city entirely - the squirrel thing that is.

irrigation systems

I love it, Chigiy! It is incredible. Can't wait more to see all the plants planetd! Lemme make plan.. I will go there very soon..

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