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August 26, 2008



Nice find, I have been waiting for some similar pots (blue glazed)to go on clearance. HOpe you feel well soon, I had my thyroid out -oh- 14 years ago - cysts,benign, Hashimoto's.. and I'm ok now.


I'm glad to hear you are alright. It sounds like we had similar problems except instead of Hashimoto's I had Graves. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your pots to go on sale.

Annie in Austin

Chigiy - if there were a garage sale olympics you'd have the gold. Those pots are a prize!
Like Muum I hope you are soon feeling well.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Great find! I've never been that lucky. One time my daughter went to a garage sale and a guy was selling a huge cacti collection in beautiful pots. These were mature specimens--some 20 years old. She bought all of them--over 40--for $100. Had to get four friends to help load them and it took 3 trips. Most of the cacti adjusted to their new home. She only lost 5 of them to the change.


Great pots. I made pots for a living, : )....as they say.

I hope you feel better soon.

I once bought some vintage salt and peppers, at a garage sale, about thirty sets and they sold for $30 to $50 dollars a set on eBay. I had no idea people collected those.

Garage Sale Guru

Few months ago I had my Gall bladder out and it didn't keep me from performing some drive- Buys!! I also use free online sales try garagesalehomepage.com

Good luck!!

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