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March 16, 2009


Annie in Austin

Free flowers sounds like fun, Chigiy - yours look great. I miss having big old established shrubs and wildflowers that need cutting - my shrubs here are too puny to cut. But this spring the iris are so abundant that I can bring them in and have a vase with flowers - yay.

This does seem to be a year for enjoying whatever we can, trying to keep a balance and judge what's really important.

Regarding your previous post, I knew one person who used a gun to remove herself from the game. It was a few years ago, economics weren't involved and it was terrible. I can only imagine what you're going through and you have my sympathy.



I love your Moondog ~ he's adorable and he can kill gophers! He'd be very popular here in the summertime.

Your flowers are beautiful and how fortunate you are to have them blooming outdoors throughout the year. I got caught up with your happenings these past months. I hope all is well!

Jean Maniscalco

I'm so envious that you can simply go outside in the winter months and pick flowers. We're just getting rid of snow here in New England. The only flowers we see are at the local store. I'm living my winter gardening vicariously through you! Thanks for your lovely pictures.


Beautiful flowers! I bet I know what trail that is. I did that once if it the same place...very frustrating because the part that was closed was the flat trail and then I had to turn around and climb the mountain trail back!!! I was exhausted after that!

Cindy~my romantic home

oops that was me that just left that message.


One thing I don't have a lot of is flowers. Lot's of flowering shrubs, some roses, but few flowers this year. (not even wildflowers--winter rainfall too low.) Your flowers are wonderful!

Philippines Florist

so you love your flowers and same for me i love the flowers too. and hope i can visit your garden to see your beautiful flowers. thanks for sharing those wonderful picture.

Flowers Philippines

Yah! instead of buying a bouquet of flowers, you can make your own bouquet of flowers. I'll always do that whenever I'm short of money to buy a bouquet of flowers. It's a lot more cheaper, and I can save more money.


Philippine Florist

That's a good idea, i will do it at home i will try to manage my own garden. so that i can make my own flower bouquets, no need to leave the house to buy a so expensive flower bouquet.and no need to exert more time and money. thanks for sharing it's make a lot of sense, keep it up!


Flowers in the Philippines

I love the concept of your post. looks very interesting. having a garden like that helps you to make your day get easier, of course to have a beautiful flowers in your garden you can make your own flower bouquets that can decorate to your house. great post, hope to read more about your post. keep it up!


sunflower bouquet

That is one of the advantage when you have your own garden.You can plant different kinds of flower,and when the flower start to bloom,you can pick it to make some flower bouquet.


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