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May 20, 2009



WOOHOO! Don't you love it when our children please us so??? ;) Congratulations!


I do love it.
I'm very easily pleased when it comes to gardening.


my housband bought me the same orchid as shown on the pic but i dont have a clue how to care for it its a beautiful plant and i dont want to kill it and i think in over watering it or not enough what should i do to maintain my beautiful plan.my husband made a joke that as long as this flower is alive our marrige will to i took is serious and i dont want to let him down by not being able to care for 1 plant!any1 with advice please please! email me at [email protected]

Steve Watts

You sound just like me, I totally agree with you, it makes it all worthwhile when you see such beauty. Keep up the good work.

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