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June 27, 2009



Holy Cow. Wow! I feel for you poor doggie and I feel for you bank account. Wow.

We let Baloo off the leash while hiking a lot and he's walked over a pygmy rattler before. Luckily it was too cool in the morning for the snake to be active. We're more worried about the gators here, but I can't even imagine.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Moondoggie has one of the best dog owners I know of.

Gina Bommarito

I am glad that Moondoggie made it!!! You are a heroine! I didn't realize how snakes can really suck up your bank account. At least Moondoggie is alive and well.



I'm glad your dog was not bitten. It's really expensive.

If I knew then what I know now, I'm not sure I would have gone the antivenin route. I am going to post about it soon.

Thank you for saying that. I didn't want to lose her. And at the time I did not know how well dogs fair when they are bitten.

Thank you.
You would have done the same for Bruno.

Katie Hobson

Wow. Poor Moondoggie. You're a hero for saving your dog's life. :D


You were indeed lucky. And that she was a bigger dog. Small dogs succumb easily to snake bites. Do, you have any pet insurance on her ?

My heart would have beat out of my chest trying to run that path, but good ole adrenaline kicks in and off you go.

California sucks that way, to not offer it free or at least a reduced rate.



I am going through the same thing right now! We got our dog antivenin and she is on day 3 of her recovery. Rattlesnake, So. Cal. Anyway, my elderly ole girl was protecting our two little kids. Very scary, but basically same symtoms. Right now, no bladder control, tongue control is not quite there yet, and we are beginning necrosis in one of the bites (her neck) She also got bit on the leg and twice in the mouth. 2 foot rattler, kids are safe, I am broke, snake is dead.. it was in our backyard.


Hi Sharon,

OMG, do you know what kind of rattlesnake it was? You guys get those terrible Mojave rattlesnakes down there. I'm glad you're dog is O.K. I'm so sorry it was expensive. Next year I'm getting my dog the rattlesnake vaccine, $30 as compared to $2700. It is two shots the first year and one shot every year thereafter. Good luck.
Your dog is a hero.

Kim Ratcliff

Things I loved about your post: #1. How you knew it was a rattler who bit Moondoggie. I tease you about being a mountain chick but you know your shit. #2. The middle picture of Moondoggie. Too cute.
Things that freaked me about your post: #1. The picture of Moondoggie snuggled up, her head resting on a human pillow with brown case. Please don't give me that same pillow next time if I ever sleep over. haha!
Love, Anal Kimmy


Dear Anal Kimmy,
Kim that was your special pillow, didn't you see the letters KR embroidered on it? Dash stuck it under her head and put my softie-soft blanket over her. It wasn't my idea but it did make a cute pic.


HI! I just randomly stumbled across your blog (I was searching for pictures of rat terriers and cattle dogs) and your dog looks exactly like mine! Do you know what kind of dog you have (breeds?) We got our dog as a stray, and as far as we can tell he is rat terrier/cattle dog.



Hi Dana,
Although I am not positive, I'm pretty sure that my dog is half cattle dog and half border collie. She was a stray also. I picked her up at the Humane Society.


i am so sorry


i saw a 2 rattlesnakes on the side of my dads apartment it was a kanal


I just read your story. My dog Cody just got bit by a rattle snake last Saturday here in Arizona. We were out walking him and he got bit by a baby who do not give off a warning rattle. We had to rush him to the emergency clinic 25 minutes away and he had to have 7 antivenin shots !! Yikes! Plus 2 days at the clinic. He was given a 50 50 chance but thankfully he survived but not without a 7,000 dollar vet bill ! Yes we are broke for the next 20 years !


I'm sorry to hear about you vet bill and glad your dog is O.K. I don't know if you know this, but I was bitten about 11 months after my dog. I was in the hospital for a week and ICU for 3 days, I received 66 vials of anitvenin. The snake didn't rattle until after it bit me. Rattlesnake's first line of defenses is to blend in. Take care and stay away from rattlesnakes.


My baby puppy was bitten today and like you, I wasn't there to see it. We went through the same process in taking her to the emergency vet clinic and the vet doctors told us that we needed to pay around 2,000$ for treatment. I am not over eighteen, and I don't have a job...my parents are struggling very much right now with money and sadly told me that they could not pay for it. We took her home and now she is resting in her dog house. Unfortunately, I don't see a happy ending in her future.


Oh No! Where did your dog get bit, what area of her body? How big is she? Is the area swelling? Can you administer lactated ringers (fluid) You can buy it and administer it on your own. It is easy. This will help her a lot. If you have any questions, i would love to help.
Fingers crossed.

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