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October 29, 2009


Kim Ratcliff

You are gonna put Bunches out of biz soon.

Annie in Austin

Love the variety, Chigiy! We've tried to grow pumpkins but always lived where destructive squirrels attack just as you're starting to think there will be a harvest. The pink warty looks like something from old storybook illustrations.

Did any of them turn into pie?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Hey Kim,
Next year I'll try to grow more but the heirloom varieties are kinda hard. At least for moi.

Hi Annie,
sorry about the squirrels in your yard. I'll have to send my squirrel-eating dog to you. She would love to help you out.
I haven't turned my pumpkins into pie yet, but the pink warteis are supposed to be delicious.

Horticultural Oil

Do you have powdery mildew issues on your leaves?If so, what insectide/fungicide do you use? This is a natural insecticide and fungicide. It is safe up to the day of harvest and is very effective.

Acai Optimum

Genetics is really an important part of science I am trying to grapple with... The human understanding on this field of study is unbelievable. Love the images above. Keep up the good work!

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