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May 06, 2010



I really enjoyed your description (just in time for Mother's Day) of your mom's flower legacy as well as your boss's "do it wrong" quote. I wish I could grow the orchids you're talking about outdoors, too! :)


I was gifted some cymbidiums last summer and they bloomed for me this winter. I love them and now know how to divide them when the time comes. Thanks!


Thank you Eliza, I really love cymbidiums, when they bloom, they have a ton of blooms. I hope I can get them back in shape again.

Hi Katie,
You probably have at least three years until you have to worry about dividing them. In the meantime–Enjoy!

small garden ideas

Planting is a thrill for me and a hobby that I have been doing for a long time now. Recently I have been studying container gardening and have learned many new things from it.

Patty Lucas

Oh, my gosh! My mom just passed away a month ago and I, too, inherited some massively overpacked cymbidiums. These were actually projects my dad originally began in the ---are you ready???---- early to mid 1970's!! I am grateful for your tips and tomorrow morning will tackle this job. You sound a lot like me!! If it's worth doing it's worth doing wrong! I have this saying tacked on my fridge! Wish me luck...


Hi Patty,
Hey, I'm really sorry to hear about your mom. The loss of your mom is such a hard time to live through. My thoughts are with you. Have fun repotting the cymbidiums. It is good therapy. Make sure that the bulbs and roots are packed in tight and do not move of fall over when you repot with new bark.
Take care.

Ted Sickels

I am desperatly trying to find out info on an orchid that was given as a gift, to describe it the stalk kinda looks like bambo approx. 1" in diameter at each section there is a broad style 6" leaf that has a single flower at the base. It originally had 2 bracs on it after the blooms died off it hsa come back with 4 bracs, I am interested in anything species, name, care instructions, whether or not to divide. Desperatly want to save this beautiful orchid.


Dear Ted,

It sounds like you have some kind of Dendrobium. It also sounds like you are doing all the right things. I wouldn't be quick to divide, most orchid like crowded conditions. Look at some pictures of Dendrobiums and see if you can identify it and then you can get more specific instructions. Thanks for visiting.


Thanks very much for your informative and enjoyable article on how to transplant cymbidiums.


i received a cymbidium as a gift. I finished blooming in January. I water it once a week and today I noticed a few of th leaves have little white spots on the underside. Are they bugs? What should I do? SS


Hi Sylvana,
Little white spots, hmmm. Do they fly around when you bump the leaves? It is hard to say. If I were you I would call the Master Gardeners in your area or take it to a nursery and ask what the white spots are. Are you keeping it inside?

marilyn zeitlin

This is from a professional journalist (who has occasionally written about plants and flowers). Just wanted to tell you that your descriptions made me laugh--well written and fun. Marilyn


Hi Marilyn,
I am so glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for the compliment.

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