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May 30, 2010


Pamela Salverda

We're so glad you're doing better! Although, I'm glad I couldn't come to visit you while you had a rubber snake in the room. It is one of my worst phobias! Just the thought of it makes me have to change the old undies. You don't have to pay the $132,000 do you? Doesn't your insurance cover most of it?
Just know that everyone down here is praying for a quick and easy recovery!


I continue to be amazed by this experience. (And your husband is right. So glad you are alive, and telling the tale!)



Wow...those would be some HOT yoga pants!


Yes we did have insurance, otherwise you would have to find some other place to park your motor home when you come to visit. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.

This whole ordeal is fun to write about in retrospect and I am glad I am alive and whole.

lulu Lemon dipped in gold with diamond studs—HOT


I think Lulu should send you a pair of pants. :O)


I live in SoCal desert and see rattlesnakes when hiking. Following your story with interest and hoping for a happy ending!!


wow, this is a great story! I am hoping you're not done though as I'd like to see a picture of the $132,000 healed foot. LOL. I live in NM and just moved into a house that apparently scorpions actually own- no offense but I'll be more loving to my nasty little landlords after reading this!!!


I am loving (and hating) this story--can't wait for the next installment. You tell a great story.

The same thing NEARLY happened to me when I stuck my hand into a plant in the middle of which a rattler reclined. I was lucky. Your story gives me the shivers.


You have the Mojave rattlesnake down there. Be careful they are very very dangerous, But don't let them stop you from hiking.

I'm glad you like my story. It has been an interesting adventure. Scorpions are kind of icky, but I guess they have their place—not in your house. Stay tuned for part six. Thanks for reading.


I agree. Thanks for visiting.

That is exactly the reaction I was aiming for.
I am glad that you didn't get bit. It was an interesting experience but very painful and no fun. Except for the drugs.

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