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May 21, 2010



Just be thankful you had morphine before you were catheterized. Not pleasant sober! Your story is fascinating.


The sausage foot! Waiting for part 5!!


Morphine is a beautiful thing.

Thank you for visiting


That foot looks painful...

Heather's Garden

OMG, I don't check your blog for a few days and... I hope there's a very happy ending to this story, but the fact that you're posting and responding to comments makes me think there is. Feel better soon.

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings

Wow, what a story. I've always wondered about snake bites. Here, we have three types of venomous snakes. I've had a catheter without drugs. It was most unpleasant, but not as bad a snake bite I'm sure.~~Dee


It did hurt a bit, still does. Icky.

What a difference a couple weeks makes.

Yes Dee, the catheter was nothing as a matter of fact it was quite convenient.


Forget Lost. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Part Five!


Hey Feralchick,
Love the name. I just got out of my second stay in the hospital so expect part five in the next couple days.


So glad to hear you're still in the game! Looking forward to Part 5 (and your full recovery!)

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings

Your second stay?!?!


Thank you. I'm working on part 5 between naps.

I was readmitted over the weekend for some serious blood issues related to the snake venom:(


Thought of you today as I was weeding the back forty (okay, that's the back forty feet). Though I do love the snakes, I'm more cautious now.... Hope you're doing okay!


It is good to be careful. This year because of all the rain, I think will be a bad year for rattlesnakes. I am doing better everyday.
Thank you.

Annie in Austin

I love that you could still be a smartass and think up snake names while on venom & morphine.


Morphine put me in a happy mood.

Candy Suter

Wow how scary! I can't believe everyone was moving in slow motion. Can't wait for part 5 and glad you are doing better, despite your second hospital stay!

Grammie Shell

I live in Eastern Washington so your rattler saga is most intriguing, although your comment regarding them being more plentiful this year due to all the rain was somewhat unsettling. Hmm, maybe I'm thinking differently of our cool Spring up here LOL Your remark about what kind of snake bit you sounds like something I'd come up with LOL What is your expected recovery time? This is my worst nightmare in technicolor!! So sorry it happened to you.


Thank you.

Grammie Shell,
It has been 15 days now. I can walk without crutches but I walk with a limp. My leg still hurts and I still have a weird tingly feeling in my mouth. I still have some major bruising. I have heard it can take up to a month or more to recover fully. All bites are different.
Watch out for rattlesnakes.
Take care.


Hi there,
Was looking at heather pictures and stumbled on here. You have a beautiful site.

I'm glad you're okay and recovering well after the snake bite. You have a great attitude.

I used to think my feet were unique but your left foot is the same as mine -- long toes, the big toe shorter than the next two and the pinky half the length of the next. I guess my feet aren't so unique after all :)

Cheers and again, wonderful site!


I love that foot, and the girl it used to be attached to.

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