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May 18, 2010


Karen Tamsen

Holy Crow! This is horrible!!!


I can't believe they didn't consider your RATTLESNAKE BITE an emergency! How crazy is that?


My leg isn't pretty, but at least it's still attached. yahoo.

I think the EMT guys had bets on how big my foot was going to get before it exploded.

dennis gobets

I'm so glad you are at home now and keeping up with your blog. Do you expect any lasting effects? What a close call.


Hello Dear Dennis,
I have been told that I probably will heal completely with no lasting effects. I am still in a moderate sometimes severe amount of pain but the severe part is starting to diminish. Vicodin is my friend.

kimmy r.

Hey! I thought I was your BFF!Who's this Jacqueline chick? I know she save your life and all…

Annie in Austin

Gee, Chigiy, in Westerns isn't the BFF the person who crosscuts the injection site and sucks out the venom?

Yay for Crofab.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


You don't suck out the venom these day, but I kept thinking what if that was the preferred method? How would I have done it when it was on the back of my ankle. I would have to be a contortionist.

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