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June 03, 2010



Those snakes can also be found downtown and on driveways and patios (especially at night, when it is cool out, but the concrete is still warm). We had one in our driveway near downtown Los Gatos, and the animal control officer said he removes them pretty regularly from our street. So pay attention even when you come down from the hills...Glad to see you looking so well, physically and mentally.


It's been so neat to follow your story from the beginning. I am so glad you're ok! Serious illness does change the way you look at things, doesn't it?


Um, what *colorful* images with which to wrap up this little chapter of your life!

Another great piece, great stats & info, too.

Om, baby, Om.


Yes, they are a lot more common than people think. My girlfriend had one under the front steps of her condo in Cupertino and she was no where near the foothills. It has been a wonderful experience getting to know you through this whole ordeal. Thank you for your support.

You are right, it does change you. I know that you had it a lot harder than I did. They tell me there were times that I was in a lot of danger but I never felt like I was. Your illness was way more life-threatening. Also your illness was sort of out of the blue. It's not like you were a boob like me and stepped on a poisonous snake. It just happened to you which makes it seem like life is so unfair. Anyhow, I'm rambling. You should feel so strong and proud of yourself. You survived!


Namste back at you.
I hope you return back to what you were...maybe you wouldnt ever return to that but maybe this bite will help achieve something else...

I hope that the snakes leave you and your loved ones alone

PS:I am a Hindu and one of my biggest gods(we have so many) the Destroyer who has a cobra wrapped around his neck. here's a link..


Thank you for taking those fabulous colorful pics. I owe you babe, in oh so many ways.

Hi Sraikh,
Thank you for your kind words. I will have to look up the Destroyer. Is the Destroyer a good God?
Thank you for visiting.

Gina Bommarito


Love this post and the picture at the end!! You look great! Glad to have you back around SNAKEGIRL!


Oh gosh, I certainly am sending good energy that you'll get back to feeling just like you did before the whole snake bite adventure. Great to see a photo of you looking so well at the of this post.


Singing show tunes won't help as snakes are deaf. However stomping your feet in snake areas is a good idea as they feel the vibrations in the ground and will often rattle alerting you to their presence.

Glad you're recovering well and are back home.


I forgot to leave his name. Shiva..Lord Shiva and his many avatars. It makes for an interesting read on wiki.
And yes he is a good god. He is destroyer of evil, it seems though he gets into a rage frequently.


Glad you're recovering well and are back home..


Greetings, Chigiy. So glad to see how well you've come through this adventure. You have a fantastic attitude and were able to see the humor in a not-so-funny situation. Did the doctors tell you that you might have developed some immunity in the event of another bite (God forbid)? A friend's dog was bitten 4 times. The first he almost died. Each succeeding time, the reaction was less and less.

dennis gobets

Backyard snake grabber: Use a 6 foot (or longer) piece of PVC pipe. Thread a loop of light rope through it so that a loop sticks out the far end. Place the loop around the snake's head, very close to the head. Pull both ends that are sticking out of your end of the pipe, tight enough to capture the snake in the loop (don't strangle it). Place the snake into a hard-sided box (or ice chest). Let it go (use the pipe again to open the box) somewhere safe. Like Arizona, perhaps.

kimmy r.

Chigiybaby, The pic of you is HOT HOT HOT! Also, the other Kim at yoga said he killed a rattlesnake yesterday. I knew you'd be bummed.

Candy Suter

I am so happy that you are doing better and are home. What a crazy ordeal. Thank you so much for writing about your ordeal. Even though I knew it was real it was very enjoyable reading. You are pretty funny even in the worst situation. Please be careful now because you have more adventures to write about.


I read an endless list of blogs and this is the first time I've come upon someone who has experienced a rattlesnake bite.

Get well, stay well and wear your thigh high boots the next time you're out there walking around.



So glad to see you back! :-)


OOO, I want the Destroyer on my side. I went to the website you suggested. It was very interesting. Thank you.

The doctors I spoke with did not mention immunity, however, most of them had never had a patient with a snakebite before. My dog was bitten eleven months ago in the same location.
After she was bitten and I payed through the nose for the antivenin, I found out that you can have your dog vaccinated for rattlesnake bites. Way cheaper.

Thank you for the snake grabber idea. In the past we just used a rake and an ice chest. You close the ice chest with the rake. It is a good idea to put a cold pack in the ice chest. That maky snaky sleepy and very slow.

Thank you for compliment. Yah, I guess I understand why some people kill them. I'm just not one of them.

Thank you for your kind thoughts. It was very cathartic to write about. I am much more cautious now about where I step.

The thigh high boot are definitely on my Christmas list.

Thank you.

Alys Milner

Karen Carter shared your story with me on one of our recent hikes at Almaden Quicksilver.

You write beautifully and with wonderful humor. Your epilogue is full of warmth and grace.

I wish you continued healing. Thanks for sharing your story and for the research that followed.



Hi Alys,
Oh, I love the Carters.
I used to run Quicksilver all the time. I love it there. I used to run into bobcats there. I see a lot here too, but I would see one almost every time I ran there.
Thank you so much for visiting and say "Hi" to Karen.

Annie in Austin

Okay Chigiy- you've always impressed me but the peaceful photo of you sitting in the Field of Rattle Snake proves you really do exist on a higher level. You are wonderful & I'm glad you're getting better.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings

That last line. Thank God. I'm not afraid of snakes either, but I am cautious, but I sometimes forget too. Your posts will help me remember.~~Dee


I have often heard that they like to sun themselves and get stepped on by joggers who aren't looking. I would have been like you & fiddling with a camera. Glad you are OK. Scary story!


May the white light of peace and healing surround you. I've had an unreasonable fear of western rattlesnakes for years as I lived in LA, Santa Cruz and Reno. Did I ever see them? Of course not. Was I still convinced they were all personally contemplating a big juice bite of Benita? Yes. Did I secretly do the celebratory "Never Gonna See A Rattler Again" dance when we moved to the northern Puget Sound? Of course. But I see now that the snakes deserve "namaste" as much as any living creature, thanks to your wise post, and I thank you for that and wish you continued healing and the aforesaid white light.

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