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June 01, 2010



Again, your story is fascinating. And yes, Dilaudid is FANTASTIC. Vicodin doesn't even compare! LOL


I'm all caught up. Don't know how I missed Part V, it is a classic. Never had Dilaudid, thank goodness, but I've heard...


I love seeing the photo of you smiling. So glad you finally got to go home!


Yes, I'm sure you have had your share of both.

Dilaudid was great but I haven't even had a tylenol after I was released from the hospital the second time. I had so much crap flowing through my veins. The only thing I have had is half a beer.

Thank you, yes me and my giant right butt cheek made it home. yay!


Hi Chigiy, I heard about your scare and have been thinking about you a lot! I have read your entries and I have to say, you sure do see the humor in your situation. I am glad you are home and getting better!!! Karen
(from costume committee)


Hi Karen,
thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you also for the kind thoughts.

kimmy r.

You forgot to write about the part about where the murse (male nurse) named Greg Focker gave you the sponge bath!!!

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