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February 10, 2011



"Winter?" HA, this is Cali! All our hens are laying now. We laugh in the face of winter. ;-) Want to harvest eggs next week while we're away?


Jean M

Hmmm...I raised hens for a few years. We only had three or four at a time. I liked nothing better than getting up in the morning and collecting fresh eggs for the family. The neighborhood children were fascinated by them, but so were the foxes and the coyotes! There was nothing worse than a predator breaking into the hen house & finding a back yard decorated with feathers and chicken parts in the morning.

The chickens were easy to care for. Those who have gardents are correct when they say that chicken manure is a great garden fertilzer.

I live in the city of Boston now and am thinking of raising a few hens again. They are a less expensive backyard investment than a swimming pool!

Think spring...today began at 4 degrees.



One of my neighbors has gotten into the raising chickens thing, and even though she lives across the street, sometimes I think I can smell the chicken poop clear over at my house,and after watching what she's going through I've decided raising chickens is not for me!


Do you recognize the chicks and the chick handler? I would be more than happy to pilfer...uh...I mean collect your eggs.

I watch my friends chickens when they go out of town, see comment above, so I have seen the carnage that come with chicken predators, icky.
Raising chickens is not for me, but my friends that do it love it and I have to admit I actually like their chickens and they each have their own personalities.
See, I'm too much of a sucker to own chickens.

Hi Kalyn,
Yep, that poop is nasty stuff you really have to keep them clean and I just don't have the time. But it is good manure.

Angela (Cottage Magpie)

I am so with you! I really thought I would be all over the chicken thing -- totally fits in with my ideal of that farm-type experience, being frugal, organic, local, sustainable, etc. etc. etc...

Until I took care of a friend's chickens for a week.

Yep, not for me.



Yep, it takes a special chicken person to keep chickens. That being said, my son is taking care of my friend's chickens and I just ate two of their most delicious eggs. Yum.

Annie in Austin

Oh Chigiy - love your always sharp & funny take on a subject! Organized groups of Austin Henfolk have hosted tours of Chicken Coops and we really enjoyed seeing how people raise them in back yards, but we haven't seriously considered trying it.

It's illegal to keep poultry in our subdivision and even if I wanted to defy the covenants, there's no way I could guard chickens against an entire neighborhood full of free-roaming cats.

We'll just be content visiting chickens.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Hi Annie!
How are you?? Yah, you have to really love chickens to raise them. I could have them here if I wanted because we are up in the mountains. If I was going to do it I think I would have them in a chicken tractor so I could move them around the yard.
Thanks for visiting.

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