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March 09, 2011


Wood Greenhouse Kits

hey..thanks for the lovely tips, i will definitely follow them..i like the post a lot, i really needed information about Lemon Cypress, and i finally got it through your post..keep it up..


I had ever heard of this before but sounds intriguing. I love lemon scented anything and this sounds great. Maybe in our new hallway between domes.
peace n abundance,

Sharon Hurkmans

I received a lemon cypress tree for Christmas this year. We are in zone 4 in the United States, and this tree does best in zones 7 to 10. How do I keep my tree alive in zone 4? And can I ever put it outdoors in the summer time?


Lemon Cypress must be kept indoors in the winter in zone 4. Keep it by a sunny window. It needs 3-5 hours of direct sunlight a day.
You don't need to keep your house extra warm, as a matter of fact keeping your house too warm could harm the plant. Keep the soil evenly moist, don't let it dry out or get soggy. You can fertilize the tree once a month with acid loving fertilizer. Keep the plant trimmed. You can put it outside in the summer if the nights don't get too cold. I hope this helps.

Elvetta Adams

I really love the little village in a broken pot it's one of the most unique planters I have seen thank you for the idea and sharing it with us.


I love this flower pot idea...very sweet!
Blessings, Joanne

Granny D

I would love to know where to get these. Great Idea


Wow, I feel terrible that I didn't include the web address of J. Woeste home garden treasures and Succulents in Los Olivos sooner. I thought I had already mentioned it on my blog, sorry. Here is the website: http://www.jwoeste.com
It is a fabulous nursery/gift store. I go out of the way to Los Olivos when ever I am in that Central Coast area just to see it.

Dee Nash (@reddirtramblin)

Thanks so much for the info. I bought a couple of these little trees today. I'm going to try them outside in very large containers with occasional cover for winter. Later, I'll transplant them into the garden if it works.


Hi Dee,
Thank you for visiting. I hope you let me know how your trees do. Cheers.


I've owned my 4 lemon cypress plants for a few months and noticed one has become brittle and dry.How should I return it to better form??


How do you care for the Lemon Cypress tree in zone 18. I received it as a Christmas gift & love it but its losing its foliage.



I have 2 little cypress trees in pots on the front, south side of the house, get full sun. I was planning on moving them this summer as the tag said they like shade. Can they take take the direct hot summer sun in zone 8 ?

chigiy Binell

Hi Leslie,
Your plants should do fine in full sun in zone 8. Make sure the rootball does not dry out, Thanks for visiting.


I'm curious where you got the little house? I'm trying to recreate this for my mom and can't find a house like this anywhere...

chigiy Binell

Hi Allison,
The whole arrangement came from a shop in Los Olivos called J. Woeste, But my friend made me a house that is even better. I will take a photo of it soon. Look up J. Woeste in Los Olivos, ca.

Mo Faulkner

Hi I love the planter you artistically made. I've been looking for ideas as to what to do, and yours is by far the best. Thank you. From Mo

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