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May 12, 2011



Especially interesting that rattlesnakes will seek out cool places in the heat, and that they hunt at night. Crap, I thought I was safe walking the dog at night. :(


Hey J,
Well, on the bright side—they're slower when it's cooler. Watch your step.


The snake Pictured on the top of this page, I saw the exact same one in the front of my house coiled up today underneath our sitting bench.........It was also a baby, but with a VERY similar pattern (no two snakes have the exact same pattern). But it was definitely the snake pictured here.


How long did your pain last after the bite? My husband was bit by a mojave green on Thursday .. He is lucky to be alive but is in excruciating pain still, I can not seem to find any info on how long the pain lasts ... His pain medication is not even helping


Oh dear Jen, Mojave greens are the worst. Is he still in ICU? They gave me dilaudid in ICU and it did the trick. I was bit by a Northern Pacific. It's venom doesn't have as much neurotoxicity. Unfortunately the pain lasts a long time but it varies from bite to bite and person to person. Rattlesnake's venom is very complex. I'm sorry I can't give you a better answer. Good luck to your husband.


Jen to answer your question I was bit by a mojave green when I was 3 then again at 11 I'm now 20 and every once in a ill get shooting pains starting from where my bites where they can be random or whenever I see one may it be on tv or real life . But like chigiy said it varies for everyone hope he's better


Hi! I'm so glad you decided to blog about your experience. I'm doing a paper on rattlesnake bites, and would like to ask you a question: What does your leg look like now? Do you have a scar? If so, what does the scar look like?? Thanks.

chigiy Binell

Hi Wendy,
My leg thankfully looks completely normal. I was lucky. The only difference is if you feel around the back of my ankle where the bite was, you can feel that there is some missing muscle, but you can't see it and it doesn't affect me at all. I ran five miles this morning and I feel no difference. I had a scar for a while where the fangs entered my skin but they went away. I was actually bummed out that they went away, they were like old war wounds:)
Feel free to ask me any other questions.


Your blog is so helpful thank you!

chigiy Binell

Dear Sarah,
Thank you. That is nice to hear.


Hi Chigiy,
Here's a picture of a juvinile Northern Pacific Rattlesnake found in the Santa Cruz mountains yesterday, similar to the one that bit you:


Sorry about your pain; but thanks for the wonderful details!

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