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June 04, 2011



Well, we did a couple of things right and a couple of things wrong. We did not call 911. We were at Big Sur, and it took 1 1/2 hours to get to the hospital in Monterey. We didn't have a cell phone with us. When we were miraculously picked up by a car driving down a gravel road next to where I was bitten, they drove us to our car and we drove to the hospital. After reading your ambulance experience, I was very grateful we just drove to the hospital. Another thing wrong we did was to put ice on the bite. My husband knew to keep my leg lower than my heart, even though I really wanted to raise it because it was so much less painful to have it up. And we pretty much did the rest of it right, like staying calm. It helped knowing we'd have such a good story afterwards!


Hey Nancy,
I guess it doesn't matter now whether you did it right or wrong and yes, you got it almost all right, you are here, all in one piece and like you said, you have a great story to tell. Thank you for sharing your story.


I appreciate the information..thankfully, I haven't seen anything like that in my own garden. The worst thing, if I can even call it worse, was a swarm of bees in a tree.

I guess they had made the tree their hive.


I just saw a swarm of bees in a tree by my son's school about 3 hours ago. There are guys that will come out for free to take your bees away. They will not kill them. Just contact your local apiary. Good luck.

cindy~my romantic home

I'm taking this all in! We saw a baby rattlesnake on the trail last weekend while we were hiking up by Mt. Hamilton!


I remember reading this story as you were going through it. Have you had any lasting effects?


Hey Cindy,
Yes, It is very snakey weather. Be careful out there.

Hi Vickie,
I don't have any lasting effects. When I do stupid things sometimes I blame it on the snake, but people are starting to question that excuse.

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