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July 09, 2011



Bwahhhahaha! There are still two beautiful urns left lonely and empty. I'm warming up the Prius as we type. Then again you could steal the one I stole from you back because it's home to only a sickly brown boxwood withering away. BTW, where is my pic?? U know how I like my pics included in your posts.


Well, if you would send me the damn picture you promised me then I could post a picture of you, now couldn't I? Hey we have to go to the succulent place and get some for your, I mean, my urn. xoxox


It's a great idea. You know, it almost seems like you can plant in pretty much anything.

I have seen pictures of old dresser drawers out in a garden. The possibilities seem endless.


Yes ZeeZee,
Plants make anything look good. Thank you for visiting.


May I come for a visit? I really like that urn as well as the plants. Hope you are back in good health after the rattlesnake incident.


I think we need to see Kim's photos of the urns she stole. You did a nice job. You're brave to leave your plants in their original pots... I'd be afraid of them drying out and dying on me. Potato vine is the best... you can never go wrong with such a beauty.

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