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August 24, 2011


Janelle of Vacaville

I have ended up with the same issue. My lemon cucumbers and my squash all have powdery mildew to the extent that it's affecting production. I have been removing plant parts, but so much of the plants have been affected I am ready to just pull out the summer garden and get ready for fall. (My corn failed to make silks.) UGH!

What are you doing? Any luck?

Why doesn't composting kill the spores? The city of Vacaville has a compost bin, should I just put all the plant parts in the regular garbage?


HI Janelle,
Powdery mildew is hard to get rid of once your plant gets it. A friend of mine who has a vineyard says once the average daily temp goes over 70 degrees, he sprays his vineyard every 10 to 14 days with wetable sulfur or stylet oil, both of which are organic.

I am going through the same thing you are. I probably should just rip out all my infected plants but they are still producing and it's hard for me to dispatch them when there is fruit on the vine.

The spores just float around and composting wont kill them. So, yes, they vines should be placed in the trash or else the disease will spread.

good luck.

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