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October 21, 2011


Janice Burnham

oh how I love your stories Chigiy! What an exciting day on the mountain (minus the scratch on your ankle by the wild berry vine).


Yep, it's never a dull moment fur us mountain folk. I am looking forward to watching some bad TV with you. We need to pick a show. I'm not sure I can take the Bachelor with that dorky freaky new guy:(


All that alliteration in one alluring headline....life in the mountains is every writer's dream come true!

Great story, love the photos. Thank you for documenting our 'hood.


Yes, a lot of alluring alliteration. You got your cross-dressers, your animal lovers and your pot smokers. The only thing I wished I'd covered in the title was the amount of fire power those guys and girls were carrying. Interesting


Your life is definitely full of excitement. Nothing like this is happening where I live!


I totally love you. Mwah!


I Love You too!!

Harry Greene

Outta sight story!

Amie Sue

Tooo Funny GURL! Crazy Mountain chick!

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