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March 13, 2012


Kay Hamilton Estey

Love your blog - that is so amusing. The new Show owners are working hard with that San Mateo space, draping the walls, lighting the gardens - it will look gorgeous. Lots more features possible also in that space. In the same halls as the gardens 10 small space gardens and 4 edible gardens AND an avenue of ancient olives. Glad you are coming to the gala -those garden creators LOVE to talk about their creations!


Hello Kay,
Yes, my friend is flying up from San Diego to go to the gala with me. I am very excited to try something new this time. Yay! Will you be at the gala??

Gina B.

HI Chigy,
You sure you don't want to take Paree and me (wink, wink), again? I might have to work and not show up, but like last time you don't have to tell her right away. Hmmmm, maybe not. Have fun!


The beautiful displays at any garden show always look much better after a cocktail or two. Conversations get pretty good as well.
Great story, thanks for the read.

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