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April 25, 2012


Jean maniscalco

Glad to see you are sharing your writings with us again! Hope you are well.


Hi Jean!
Thank you. I am fine. Just having a rough patch and learning to cope but I am sure things will get better.
How are you and yours?


Watching April bud and flower always gives me a boost. There is a plentitude of beauty in even a very small space. Mix in some sunshine and a flat surface to lie on and peace can't be far away.


Beautiful thoughts, beautiful garden. Hang in there, and keep gardening! xo


Oooh, that first photo is a beauty. Glad you are back.


We love you too, MAN! It's easy for your friends to be nice to you, Chigiy, because you are so funny, witty, silly, and fun. Oh and cute and financially saavy. I personally love you coz you aren't afraid to show your warts & all. I wish more peeps were like you. Xoxo


Thank you Dennis, peace is certainly what I need.

Thank you Jacqueline, my dear friend.

Thanks Nikki, It's good to be back

Kimmy, you always know the right thing to say. xox


Your gardens are lovely. I totally understand how life gets in the way and most times my garden is my only solace. Thanks for sharing pix of your beautiful gardens.

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