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June 08, 2012


Cindy Walker

Wow -- I love gardening and martinis tooo!!! xo


Make sure your friend knows about Tree of Life Nursery in San Juan Capistrano...all native plants! http://californianativeplants.com/


I can't believe you even remember that weekend what with all the alcohol you consumed. Thank god you took pics. That basil martini does look tasty. You Funny girl.


Just came across your sites, and love them! (I'm also a 'crazydoglady' and artist.)

I wanted to ask: as your friend, Jen, lives in San Diego, would either of you be able to recommend a nursery? I want to start a herb garden... and maybe throw a few succulents into the mix. But I am new to SD and a gardening noob, so thought I'd ask. Any ideas gratefully received, thank you!


Cindy, we should garden and drink martinis soon!

Kimmy! What weekend?

Lauren, Where in the San Diego area do you live? I know Jen sometimes will just buy standard issue plants at the Home Depot but for something special you can try the two nurseries I mention in my posts about the weekend, Cedros Gardens and Cordova Gardens.


Thank you! I will check out both your posts and those places!

I live in North County (Escondido) but am moving to SD proper soon. I have black thumbs that I hope will turn green by virtue of being in SoCal (ha!) and was just given a habanero pepper plant. Have you ever had pepper vodka? It's really good with pomegranate in it...


I love those paver stones that jen's used on her pool, they are so ellegant , how lucky you are to found a friend like jen, isn't it nice to share each of your techniques about gardening (since you both love gardening) while sitting around that beautiful garden?

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