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July 15, 2012



Wow! When our zucchini gets too big, we either make zucchini boats (like stuffed peppers, there are a lot of recipes on the internet) or, we shred it and freeze it. We usually make zucchini bread with it during the winter, and once in a while, an amazing chocolate zucchini cake (my preference.) ;)


Hi Sarah,
Thank you for the ideas. I have make zucchini boats and stuffed zucchini before but that one zucchini looked so big that I thought perhaps we could make a real boat from it. One of my next posts is going to be about this yummy zucchini bread I make from my friend Elise's food blog Simplyrecipes.com. It is really good. It has lemon and rosemary in it. yum


My mom always made zucchini bread. She would put the zucchini through a metal meat grinder used for sausage. We loved it as kids. Here is a sample recipe. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/zucchini-bread-recipe/index.html


Love the photos.
Your "little boy" is adorable.


HaHa! Madonna and Zucchini! I've always thought one should never plant more than one zucchini plant or you'd end up wrapping the surplus (giant ones) in baby blankets and leaving them on doorsteps.


Hi Lorie,
Thank you
yes my little 6'1" boy.
I can't believe it.

Hi Peggy,
You gave me a great idea. I know how I'm getting rid of my zucchini now. hehe


Hi there. In the UK, where I live, zucchini are known by the French name, courgette. And a courgette that's gone mad is called a marrow. People grow them big by choice! If you google "prize marrow" you will see that yours are mere pipsqueaks. I love zucchini, but like Peggy have learned not to plant too many.

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