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May 10, 2013



I feel your pain. My backyard is an undulating landscape of wilted pink blossoms. (My Cecile Brunner is a big, big girl.)

chigiy Binell

Hi Rosenatti,
How old is your girl? It is amazing how fast they grow. I am getting another one for mother's day because I have the perfect place for it. Yay!


Please do a follow-up story in a month or so? Hope it works!

Beautiful photos.

chigiy Binell

I will Jacqueline! I hope I have something to update.


I believe my Ms. Brunner to be well over 30 years old, but she doesn't look a day over 29.

chigiy Binell

Hi Rosenatti,
Wow, she must be huge and so well preserved:) I just bought another one for myself for mother's day. I will let you know how she does in her new home.

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