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May 12, 2013



Schleppy, I love you and am so glad you survived the attack of the venomous killer rattlesnake...and the attack of the poisonous killer jelly fish...and the attack of the slippery, slimy Cowell's algae staircase and all your other mishaps. What would I do with out you??

chigiy Binell

Without me, you would have nothing to talk about at coffee.

Vickie Carmichael

I just thought of you and wondered "how is that woman who stepped on the rattlesnake doing?" I come to your blog and there is the anniversary snake blog!

But, in reading it, it seems like you are running into way to many snakes these days. I had to learn to live with them here in Florida too. Ugh.

chigiy Binell

Hi Vickie,
Yes snakes are ubiquitous here. I am still not afraid of them, just a little more cautious. I'm sure you get your fair share of snakes. I have watched Swamp Wars. haha. They grow 'em big in your part of the country.

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